Documentary: AI and Learning. We are currently pursuing funding options with national arts agencies as well as related support with corporate partners.

Becoming: a podcast on human learning, sense making, and AI. Dragan Gasevic and George Siemens have been busy recording episodes and we expect to release one every two weeks. We expect this will launch by May 2022.

Annual report on State of AI and Learning: Our first report will be launched July 2022.

Annual conference: Empowering Learners for the Age of AI ( Over the last two years, over 2,000 researchers, students, academics, and practitioners have attended our annual conference. Our 3rd annual conference will be held in person December 2022.

For our Partner Institutions: Annual Leadership Retreats with GRAILE Scientific Committee to assess and evaluate critical plans and strategies of member institutions as well as hearing first hand about the latest research in the field.

Private monthly 1-on-1 meetings to solicit feedback on organizational needs and address critical concerns regarding AI deployment and key trends.

Monthly webinars by top researchers, providing case studies and insights into innovation and AI deployment.

Short course learning environment on AI, leadership, strategy and planning, and innovation.