Leadership – whether in K-12, higher education, or corporate sectors – face increased calls to respond to rapid social and technological changes. AI is currently one of the most hyped technologies that leaders are asked to respond to with effective strategy and planning. Questions remain, however, regarding what is real and what is hype. To address this uncertainty, GRAILE Scientific Committee and Charter Members engage in active research deploying and assessing AI adoption and use in classrooms and corporate settings.

SenseAI will be the largest and most complete study of how AI is actually being used in learning. This is a global multi-year study assessing AI adoption and planning approaches in K-12, higher education, and corporate learning. The project also focuses on the technology companies and offerings that are being made available to the education sector.  

Senior Leadership Innovation Perspective (SLIP) studies how senior leadership in universities plans for and resources innovation. This study involves interviews and surveys with Deans, Provosts, and Presidents/Vice Chancellors from universities around the world.

LIFT is our experimental learning environment for capacity building around learning analytics, edtech, AI, and related learning and sensemaking needs for staff, faculty, and leadership for GRAILE Charter Members.

Data for Artificial Intelligence Research (DAIR) is a cloud-based AI environment serving as a proof of concept for schools and universities wanting to develop the computing infrastructure to take advantage of AI in their courses and classrooms. New computing environments are required to enact AI through projects such as learner profiles, computed curriculum, and adaptive feedback.

The current research team includes academics from: Australia, USA and Europe.

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