Rahim Rajan leads the Postsecondary Success strategy’s Solutions team, responsible for developing and delivering high-impact, evidence-based solutions that can help transform postsecondary institutions close opportunity gaps for Black, Latino, Indigenous students and students from low-income backgrounds so that race and income are no longer predictors of outcomes and success and to increase social mobility and value of their postsecondary education. This includes portfolios that focus on undergraduate digital learning and digital learning infrastructure, technology enabled advising and holistic student supports, and reforms in developmental education.


Rahim came to the foundation from roles at ITHAKA, and JSTOR, where he focused on helping higher education institutions, learners, and the global scholarly community take advantage of advances in innovation, R&D, and emerging technologies. Born in Rwanda, Rahim is both a first-generation American and college graduate. Rahim holds degrees from the University of Chicago, the Institute of Ismaili Studies (London), and the University of Cambridge. Rahim was a former board observer for Carnegie Innovations startup Acrobatiq (acquired in 2018 by Ingram) and currently serves on the board of the Seattle Colleges Foundation, the Global Learning Council. He is based in Seattle, WA.