As a non-profit, our intention is to be the leading organization in translating  AI related research into university practice  to build leadership and  institutional capacity to meet those needs. 

GRAILE’s Charter Membership program is designed for organizations interested in how AI intersects with higher education learning settings in order to directly influence policy and build capacity for senior leadership to plan and deploy AI initiatives. This entails offering policy guidance to government officials and university leadership to make practical and impactful investment.  Charter Members are part of a deeply connected network of like-minded institutions, seeking to advance knowledge translation and leadership capacity building.  

Charter Membership brings the following benefits: 

  • Monthly private webinars with main partners to provide updates on state of the field and current initiatives with a critical lens on AI, bias and equity
  • Community consultation with university affiliates on critical  adoption issues
  • Quarterly one-on-one meeting to discuss organizational AI strategies and research trends
  • Annual in person meeting with members of Advisory Board 
  • Complimentary attendance (five per organization) at our annual AI and Learning conference (
  • Participation in our global SenseAI study, evaluating the use of AI in K-12, corporate and university settings. This study focuses on evaluating the corporate providers enabling adoption of educational technology and novel AI offerings to address specific education problems.
  • Access to regular Podcasts on AI in Learning and curated discussions with guests. The podcast only will be open to the public
  • Early access to  the Annual Report, including individual consultations, that will track research developments in AI adoption and impact
  • Opportunity to shape policy by contributing to GRAILE representations to education, government and industry
  • Early alerts to joint research opportunities with other partners globally
  • Supporting research and doctoral students, including scholar and student exchanges between Charter Member research Labs.
  • White papers and policy papers, targeting key adoption barriers
  • Access to short courses, emerging AI educational technology, community,  and learning opportunities, including:

LIFT: our online capacity building platform, integrating short courses, community, and sensemaking practices to rapidly evaluate complex trends and initiate decisive actions

Data for Artificial Intelligence Research (DAIR) platform, demonstrating the technological infrastructure required for learner profiles, adaptive learning, and computed curriculum

Space: Our private community of charter members, advisory board, and researchers where we tackle complex leadership, technology, and implementation challenges faced by universities